Making A Difference - The Girl Connect Program

Girls Connect uses media and mobile technology ro empower girls to change their lives. We focus on a girl’s whole world, along her entire journey to adulthood. And we create with her, so she can tell her story. Through our work a girl can start to express herself, value herself and build relationships. Girls Connect is a first-of-its-kind mobile innovation currently running in Nigeria. A unique partnership between Girl Effect and the iSON group, one of Africa’s largest IT companies, it’s a unique mobile platform that enables girls to explore and express their curiosities about growing up. Girls Connect creates an immersive world for girls which anonymously answers their queries about growing up in challenging circumstances, on their own terms, free from any fear of judgement.

Girls dial a number and listen to pre-recorded stories containing inspiring, entertaining and educational lessons about their lives. These stories - about girls learning how to speak up, finding their own path in life, and learning to nurture meaningful relationships - cover multifaceted issues including violence, healthcare, personal finance and education. Not only can girls listen to these stories, but they are also connected to a 'role model': specially-trained iSON call centre operatives who can answer girls’ questions truthfully and talk through the stories they have heard to make them more meaningful and relevant to their own lives. To know more visit -